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The Central Park Five Presentation

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Criminal Justice




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The Central Park Five Background Tina Washington Facts April 20, 1989, a 29 year old caucasian woman by the name of Trisha Meli was struck in the head with a rock and raped in New York City’s Central Park. Due to the nature of her injuries, she remained in a coma for almost two weeks. During that time there was a lot of preconceived notions in regard to African American youth and African Americans as a whole and these kids were a prime example of it. 14 year old Raymond Santana, 15 year old Antron McCray, 15 year old Kevin Richardson,15 year old Yusef Salaam, and 16 year old Korey Wise were five of many young people in the park that night who were at the wrong place at the wrong time. These boys were wrongfully convicted and coerced into giving confessions in exchange to go home. This case lacked DNA evidence as well as sufficient evidence as a whole. These boys were interrogated for hours without food, sleep, water, nor parental or a guardian present. Cont: In 1990, these young men were found guilty of rape, robbery, assault, attempted murder, sexual abuse, riot, and robbery and sentenced to six to thirteen years between the five of them. Without any solid evidence other then being young and African American, these boys spent their most impressionable years incarcerated with individuals who committed some of the most heinous crimes. This is a case of wrongful conviction, coercion, malicious prosecution, etc. Timeline Timeline: April 20, 1989, a 28 year old Caucas ...
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