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CJ 530 London Bombings and Global Terrorism Presentation

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Criminal Justice




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7/7 London Bombings CJ 530: Global Terrorism Tina Washington Presentation Introduction ◼ “7/7 London bombings" named after the date it occurred on 7th July 2005. ◼ A series of Islamic terrorist suicide attacks were coordinated in the London transit system ◼ The bombings targeted commuters ◼ The attack were perpetuated by 4 Islamic terrorists who different bombs, killing 52 people and injuring a few hundred ◼ The explosions were caused by triacetate triperoxide which were packed in a backpacks Introduction (Cont.) ◼ The suicide bombers were British nationals ◼ They converged at Luton in the morning of the attack ◼ They later split to different points where the bombings happened ◼ The explosives were carried using backpacks Before the Attack ◼ Lessons learned from what was done before the attack. ❑ The public should always be alert to know incase of suspicious moves by some fishy characters ❑ The government should respond immediately and work in partnership with public to prevent global attacks ❑ The government responded immediately to minimize injuries, deaths and panic among citizens ❑ There were no policies in place to deal with people carrying explosives During the Attack ◼ The public should inform the government on any suspicious moves ◼ The government should put appropriate security measure in their transport sector (Percoco, 2019). ❑ The government responded immediately, areas of the scene guarded and investigations started ...
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