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Market Insights and What Is the Market Opportunity Presentation

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MARKET INSIGHTS • holographic display products are extensively used in automotive, healthcare and medical imaging • There is a growing demand for holographic display applications in education and media and entertainment. • The Holographic display market in the developed nations is expected to grow substantially in the coming years. • increased awareness on the use of holographic displays across platforms and the potential of the technology to change how companies interact with their potential customers through tailored approaches is likely to increase the market share WHAT IS THE MARKET OPPORTUNITY? o Apple will be the first company to venture in holographic technology in the mobile platform o the number of market players are limited by the high cost of assembling the holographic display devices and existing apple 3D patent o The company will protect his original ideas through Patent, copyright, trade secrets, registering domain names or trademark o The company is capable of independently funding the installation of the holographic devices. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE • Holographic displays will help grow the company’s revenue by boosting the company image and product range • The unique ability of display holography to present products in more interesting, creative and visually intriguing manner makes products appear real • The patent rights will give Apple the sole rights to provide display holographic solutions on the mobile platform. • ...
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