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Inflection and English Language Presentation

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INFLECTION And why inflection is so little in the English Language? In this presentation we will discuss ● Where Inflection comes from ● Types of inflection ● Why is it so little in English; - History, - And other reasons why. WHERE DOES INFLECTION COME FROM??? MORPHOLOGY STUDY OF WORD FORMATION/STRUCTURE MAIN UNIT OF ANALYSIS IN MOR. IS MORPHEME MORPHEME FREE (Can stand alone as a word ex. duck farm) - open/closed - lexical/functional BOUND INFLECTION & DERIVATION BOUND INFLECTION & DERIVATION AFFIX (PREFIX & SUFFIX) SO WHAT DOES INFLECTION REALLY DO? It is a REMEMBER! INFLECTION does not create new lexemes it only changes the form of the lexeme. And what do we mean by form ??? - Number,person,tense e.t.c. TYPES OF INFLECTION (8) - s (singular present) She waits at home. ed (past tense) She waited at home. ing (progressive) She is eating. en (past participle) Jake has eaten. s (plural) I ate two large donuts. ‘s (possessive) Jake’s hair is red. er (comparative) Jakes hair is shorter than mine. est (superlative) Jake has the shortest hair. WHY does english have little inflection ??? 1) The English language is always coming up with completely new words, instead of using affixes, So, lets us ourselves again what is inflection? It also has to do with the stress system, because in old English (unlike modern) stress was usually on the first syllable, so that mean the end words were less prominent (inflectional suffixes were tended not to be emphas ...
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