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Challenges Faced by Teachers & EFL Pupils in learning English Paper

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CURRENT CHALLENGES FACED BY TEACHERS AND EFL PUPILS IN TEACHING/LEARNING ENGLISH “There are three types of people lectures in this world: those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who wonder what happened.” - Prof. Frank Pantridge Introduction The main aims of this presentation are to show: - Challenges that teachers face when teaching EFL pupils, - Challenges that pupils face when learning English as a Foreign Language, - A few reasons/opinions from the presenter, - Solutions to teachers facing challenges, - Solutions to pupils facing challenges. Challenges teachers face... Currently the main challenges that have been seen by teachers when it comes to teaching EFL learners are: - Students Don’t Speak English In Class If you have a class full of young learners, then it is very likely that they will speak more in their native language than in English. - Dependent Students This EFL problem occurs when the students in your class are constantly seeking attention or assistance. There are two scenarios here: They may either ask you to assist them in completing an exercise or say they cannot or do not know how to complete the task on their own. - Students Take Over Students taking over the class can easily happen when you are a new teacher or just the new teacher of that particular class. Two possibilities are (1) when a student comes in all excited over something, tells the class, and then the class gets all excited or (2) the students t ...
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