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JJ n Corporation Company Name: J and J Corporation J and J means Jams and Jellies Industry Preserve food Major Product Jams Logo of the product “ Sweet Vegetable and Fruit” Jam and jellies Good food don’t just happen by accident” Our Vision ➢ To become the choice of the choices, adding great taste, unparallelled quality jam in the Philippines that offers nutritious and healthy lifestyle to the consumers. Philosophy Our Mission ➢ We thrive to support our customers by providing the finest, high quality, superior food products that brings sweets moments of jam happiness to the world everyday. ➢ To established the presence of vegetable and fruit jam as a successful innovative but nutritious jam in the market. PRODUCT Purpose of the Product To fulfill the need of people who love to have 100% natural preservative free jams, and who had to run far places to get it, can now enjoy it through our J and J corporation STRENGTHS • 100% preservative free • Exotic flavor • Uniqueness of product WEAKNESSES • Limited target market • Less packaging strategies • Less support of promotion MARKET TARGETING Target market of J n J Corporation HOUSEHOLDS 1. Home use: For the entire family 2. Health purpose: people are say 100% no to products with artificial flavor and color and want to enjoy the pure and fresh vegetables and fruits in the form of jams Klea Nina Baluyot Bs bio 4-2 Thank you! Name: Description: ...
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I was having a hard time with this subject, and this was a great help.