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OSHT 1320 SJC Hazards of Pressure Steam and Electricity Questions

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Electrical Engineering


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San Jacinto College – Spring 2021 OSHT 1320: Energy Industrial Safety Textbook: Safety, Health and Environmental Concepts for the Process Industry, 2nd Edition by Michael Speegle Chapter 7 · Hazards of Pressure, Steam, and Electricity Questions 1 through 27 [page 94] MY ANSWERS: 1. a. Force divided by area. 2. Leaks, pulsation, and vibration. 3. a, c, and d: pressure release valves, fusible plugs, and low water shutoff devices. 4. Due to metal fatigue or corrosion, the bellows inside the gauge cause may fail under pressure. As a result, without a blowout back, the gauge face will rupture, pushing out pieces of glass and metal that would injure a worker standing in front of the gauge. 5. False 6. a: neck of the cylinder 7. An operator should NOT try to stop a whipping hose by grabbing it; rather, they should leave the area immediately and shut off flow to the line. 8. Blow-out panel. 9. Water hammer. 10. True. 11. Vacuum. 12. True. 13. a, d, e: Steamers, scents, and soap solutions. 14. 1600 15. Steam is commonly used as an inert gas for purging vessels and lines because it is not combustible and does not support combustion. 16. False. 17. True. 18. One way is to check a table that indicates standard temperature of steam-air mixtures at atmospheric pressure, and then compare it to the temperature of the site on the vessel. 19. To displace the steam and thus prevent it from condensate and form a vacuum. 20. High pressures. 21. Sparks and arcs (a), stray currents (c), and ...
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