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Organizational Behavior Course Summary Tamer 2011 2 of 2

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Organizational Behavior Course Summary Marc Delingat Marc Delingat Organizational Behavior Course Summary Module 6: Understanding Work Group Dynamics and Group-Based Problem Solving Group Structure and Definition A group within the organization is defines as two or more employees that: 1. interact with each other, 2. perceive themselves as sharing several common interests or goals, and 3. come together or are brought together to achieve a meaningful organizational activity. If formal assignment mechanisms are used to assign membership in groups the resulting groups are called formal groups. Informal groups are groups of employees that come together voluntarily for a common purpose, which may or may not be work related. Formal groups have the following characteristics: • Two or more members • Prescribed interaction patterns • Purpose(s) started in meaningful organizational terms • Members are aware of the formal groups existence and their involvement in it Work groups can be either task groups which work together on a series of related activities or command groups which exercise authority within the organization. Characteristics of successful use of project teams to find solutions to organizational problems: • The life span of the typical project team is kept short. • Membership is always voluntary; thereby the projects have to be perceived as interesting an motivating so that people want to join. • The pro ...
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