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CETT 1302 SJC Electricity Principles on Transformers Paper

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San Jacinto College – Spring 2021 CETT 1302: Electricity Principles Assignment: Transformer Circuits Next 2 pages have the ACTUAL problems assigned; pages after that are my work on those. Professor graded it 100 😊 Electricity Principles on Transformers 1. A plug-in transformer supplies 9.00 V to a video game system. (a) How many turns are in its secondary coil, if its input voltage is 120 V and the primary coil has 400 turns? (b) What is its input current when its output is 1.30 A? 2. An American traveler in New Zealand carries a transformer to convert New Zealand’s standard 240 V to 120 V so that she can use some small appliances on her trip. (a) What is the ratio of turns in the primary and secondary coils of her transformer? (b) What is the ratio of input to output current? (c) How could a New Zealander traveling in the United States use this same transformer to power her 240 V appliances from 120 V? 3. A cassette recorder uses a plug-in transformer to convert 120 V to 12.0 V, with a maximum current output of 200 mA. (a) What is the current input? (b) What is the power input? (c) Is this amount of power reasonable for a small appliance? 4. (a) What is the voltage output of a transformer used for rechargeable flashlight batteries, if its primary has 500 turns, its secondary 4 turns, and the input voltage is 120 V? (b) What input current is required to produce a 4.00 A output? (c) What is the power input? 5. (a) The plug-in transformer for a laptop computer put ...
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