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Bangladeshi Workers & High Street Fashion Essay

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Fashion Design




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We've been making clothes for thousands of years. But in the last two decades, they've increasingly been designed in the world's richest countries and made in some of the poorest. Computerization and the internet have helped create a global industry where the price of high street fashion comes down, but we hardly know anything about working conditions in the textile factories where are clothes are made. Coming up, you'll find out why these Bangladeshi workers think you should pay more for high street fashion. You'll see how consumer pressure has improved working conditions in some countries. And you'll hear why more and more people think buying fair trade products is an alternative way to make your fashion ethical. There's no denying it. We all love a bargain. For most of us, there's no better bargain than finding that perfect piece of fashion at a giveaway price. But when it comes to textiles, globalization usually means someone somewhere else in the world is paying for the real costs of cut price clothing. It's rush hour in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. Every day in this city, around four million people go to work in textiles factories. These workers are paid about 150th of their American or European counterparts. And that's the main reason nearly every major clothing retailer or brand in the world will get some of their products made here. It's also why Bangladesh has become the world's third biggest clothing manufacturer after China and Turkey. We are number three n ...
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