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The Consumer As The Marketer Presentation

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PRESENTATION Generation Like By: ➢ A marketer is an individual responsible for promoting the buying and selling of items. ➢ In “Generation Like,” the consumer helps to get the message across. ➢ The consumer helps a company reach friends and peer networks. ➢ Once a consumer likes or shares information regarding a product, the activity arouses the interest of friends and peer networks associated with the individual. ➢ For example, Ceili spends at least four hours promoting the hunger games by retweeting, liking, and sharing everything concerning the movie with her friends (FRONTLINE PBS, 2019). ➢ Companies understand that kids are the drivers of the system of likes, thus focusing on ways of reaching the kids. ➢ Approaches used: ❖ Selling teen culture back to the kids ❖ Using celebrities and popular individuals to advertise products. ❖ Giving kids a chance to be part of the game. ➢ Brand communication ❖ Brands allows consumers to send messages through social media, which sometimes get replies ❖ Brands use famous individuals to convey certain messages; for example Taco Bell using Tyler to promote a burger (FRONTLINE PBS, 2019). ➢ Tyler Oakley is an influential You Tuber due to the following factors ❖ Self-expression that creates a sense of personal reflection ✓ Tyler’s obsession with pop-culture corresponds with that of many people across the world ✓ Tyler’s self-expressive habit interests many viewers, he identifies himself as ...
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