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Humanity Sunday Integral Part of Creation Paper

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Humanity Sunday
(Australian Version 1)
Humanity refers to human beings as an integral part of creation. All human beings
are included, regardless of ethnic origin or visual appearance. Human beings, as part
of creation, are kin with all other living creatures.
Artists are invited to create a sanctuary scene which celebrates both the diversity of all
human beings and their kinship with creation. A special symbol of our kinship is a
large whale whose tail rises up before or behind the sanctuary. The whale is a special
symbol of what humans have tried to dominate, but which with human concern is
coming home to be with humans. Visuals of larges whales first killed and now
cavorting could be included on a screen. (Thousands of whales are still killed every
year, especially by Japanese fleets).
Special Focus
This service has several sections in dramatised form. The more these sections can be
experienced as a drama the greater impact they may have. The first section is a
dramatisation based on three readings for the day, with a conflict emerging from the
first two and a resolution arising from the third. A second dramatic dialogue takes
place as part of the confession as we listen to the voices of whales past and whales
present. The voices of the whales return with the commission at the end of the
In our call to worship we invite all peoples of all lands to worship with us, including
our Indigenous brothers and sisters. The way we have related to whales in the past and
our current concern are typical of how humanity has related to the rest of creation.
The dramatised readings highlight that we have, in the past, chosen the mandate to
dominate (in Gen. 1.26-28) over the commission to serve (in Gen. 2.15). The
message of Mark 10.42-45 offers a Gospel answer. The return of the whales is a sign
of hope. The risen Christ is the source of our hope.

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Optional Liturgies
Another liturgy which comes to terms with the force of Gen. 1.26-28 is Song of
Healing in Seven Songs of Creation, published by Pilgrim Press (2004). Especially
powerful is the dramatic dialogue between humanity and Jeremiah, who speaks for
A song/hymn based on the image of waters flowing from down from the heights of
Eden (Gen. 2) and the throne of God (Rev. 22.1-2) to bring healing to all humanity,
all nations on Earth, is located in Habel Hymns Volume One. The melody is the well-
known hymn Morning has Broken. The words follow.
1. Healing is flowing, deep in the waters,
Flowing from Eden, flowing from old.
All through creation, God sends forth waters,