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ENGL 130H Walt Whitman Song of Myself Essay

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Trunz 1 Dear Wendy, This close reading essay was quite different than all the other essays I have had to write. And therefore it was a bit of a challenge. Normally I would choose a thesis that is easy to support and understand after a close analysis. However, having a perplexity or ambiguity to discover and never fully contain a direct answer wasn’t the easiest of tasks. After looking through my first close reading paper, I was pretty impressed with myself. I am not a strong writer, nor am I very good in english classes, but I did work pretty hard and I do see some strengths within the essay. I feel as though I chose a good passage to work with, that had a significance to Whitman’s entire essay. I also explored Whitman’s theme of the “you” into more detail. Thanks to your help I was able to investigate the different “you’s” that Whitman could have been speaking to in section 51. I believe I successfully used the Oxford English Dictionary as well to further analyze and understand each line of this portion of the poem. Overall I think I had some good ideas of what this part of Whitman’s piece means and how it is significant to this written work. The difficulties I faced during this whole process started right in the beginning, where we had to choose 4 lines from Whitman’s giant poem. It was really hard to find a section that had significance with the poems’ entirety that I somewhat understood but didn’t completely understand the full meaning of the lines ...
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I was having a hard time with this subject, and this was a great help.