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LCD 103 The Life of a Multilingual Individual Essay

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Cultural Studies




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Trunz 1 Grace Trunz Tatyana Ulubabova LCD 103 October 13, 2016 The Life of a Multilingual Individual One of the dearest, kindest, and most loving friends that I have just so happens to be a bilingual speaker. Her name is Mirella Katheryn Beltran, but I call her Kat for short. She is twenty-six years old, my brother’s girlfriend (soon to be fiance), and has become one of my closest friends over the years. I always knew she was bilingual, but this assignment definitely allowed me to learn more on what it is like to grow up in a multilingual environment, and the impact it has had on her life ever since she was a baby. Growing up in a household speaking Spanish and English has never been easy for her, but as time went on it has benefited her in school and her career path greatly, and has even shown her how significant it is as a part of her identity. Kat grew up in Port Washington, New York, with her parents and her two sisters. Her mother was raised in El Salvador and her father was born in Ecuador. Once they became adults they moved to New York, met each other through work, and got married soon after. Unfortunately they had many issues trying to obtain enough financial stability while they were raising a family. For a while Kat and her family did not have a real home when she and her sisters were very young, and had to live in her mother’s salon. They eventually were able to afford a small apartment in Port Washington, and Kat’s parents continued to do everything they T ...
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