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Psychodynamic Theory and Social Psychology Exam Practice

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Chapters: 10, 14, 12, 13 Chapter 10: Personality Personality: an individual’s unique pattern of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that persist over time and across situations Unique Differences: those aspects that distinguish a person from everyone else Stable and Enduring: these unique differences persist through time and across situations Psychodynamic Theory: - Psychodynamic theories see behavior as the product of internal psychological forces that often operate outside our conscious awareness - The study of psychic energy and the way that it is transformed and expressed in behavior - Freud drew on the physics of his day to coin the term psychodynamics - Five Propositions: - Much of mental life is unconscious; as a result, people may behave in ways that they themselves do not understand - Mental processes (such as emotions, motivations, and thoughts) operate in parallel and thus may lead to conflicting things - Not only do stable personality patterns begin to form in childhood, but early experiences also strongly affect personality development - Our mental representations of ourselves, of others, and of our relationships tend to guide our interactions with other people - Personality development involves learning to regulate sexual and aggressive feelings as well as becoming socially interdependent rather than dependent Sigmund Freud - Unconscious: In Freud’s theory, all the ideas, thoughts and feelings of which we are not and normally cannot become aware - Psychoanalys ...
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