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Chemistry Common Laboratory Apparatus Worksheet

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COMMON LABORATORY APPARATUS ERLENMEYER FLASK – used in holding and measuring chemical liquid samples, but TEST TUBE – used to contain liquids or can also be used to mix, heat and boil chemical reagents for a chemical reaction. chemicals. GRADUATED CYLINDER – common apparatus used to measure the volume of BEAKER – used to contain liquids and liquids. measure large amounts of liquid. ORDINARY FUNNEL – aid you during WATCH GLASS – used to contain filtration operation. It is used for guiding substances for observatory purposes, be it a liquid or powder into a small opening. solid or a liquid. WIRE GAUZE – placed on the support ring that is attached to the retort stand between IRON STAND – supports the iron ring or iron the Bunsen burner and the glassware to clamp when heating substances or mixtures support glasswares during heating. in a flask or beaker using the Bunsen burner. IRON CLAMPS – used to hold things and is placed in an iron stand to elevate other equipment. BURET / BURETTE CLAMP – used specifically to hold and secure a burette on a stand. IRON RING – used to support apparatuses MORTAR AND PESTLE – grinding above the work surface especially when purposes; converts larger particles into heating using the Bunsen burner. smaller ones. EVAPORATING DISH – used to contain STIRRING ROD – to stir; for mixing liquids to be evaporated. purposes. THERMOMETER – used to determine the temperature of substances. TEST TUBE RACK – where test ...
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