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Social and Personality Development in Children Discussion

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Social and Personality Development in Children Fall 2017 Midterm Study Guide Green= Important Vocabulary · What are Freud’s 5 Psychosexual Stages? ● Stage 1: Oral Stage ○ birth - 18 months ○ Mouth is main focus ○ Conflict-weaning (too late = dependency, too early = trust issues; sucking) ○ Result- oral fixation ● Stage 2: Anal Stage ○ 18 months - 3 years ○ Going to the bathroom is main focus ○ Conflict- potty training ■ Kids enjoy using diapers = freedom. Parents used to clean them up, now told it is “gross” and needs to be flushed ○ Result- anal retentive (potty trained too early, very rigid and uptight) vs. anal expulsive (potty trained too late, no care for rules, laid back) ● Stage 3: Phallic Stage ○ 3-7 years ○ Self discovery, stimulation of genitalia, start to understand difference between male and female ○ Oedipal and Electra complexes ○ Very normal for children to want to marry their parents or siblings ● Stage 4: Latency Stage ○ 7 years-puberty ○ No new conflicts (controversial and now known to be false) ○ For friendships and cliques ○ Superego development ● Stage 5: Genital Stage ○ Puberty-adulthood ○ Seeking sexual relationships ○ Fulfill previous complexes with proper sexual partner ○ Frued stated that from puberty till death, we are the same which is not true · What are Piaget’s 4 Stages of Cognitive Development? ● Sensorimotor Stage ○ Infancy (Birth-2 years) ○ Object permanence- understanding ...
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