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Recognizing Ableism Article

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Journal of Social Issues, Vol. 00, No. 0, 2019, pp. 1--28 doi: 10.1111/josi.12345 This article is part of the Special Issue “Ableism,” Kathleen R. Bogart and Dana S. Dunn (Special Issue Editors). For a full listing of Special Issue papers, see: issuetoc. Recognizing Ableism: A Social Identity Analysis of Disabled People Perceiving Discrimination as Illegitimate ∗ Thomas P. Dirth Bemidji State University Nyla R. Branscombe University of Kansas A pernicious impact of ableism is its tendency to take-for-granted ability as a legitimate criterion for negative differential treatment, thereby making disability discrimination difficult to challenge for people with disabilities. This project aims to examine factors underlying disabled persons’ perceptions of discrimination legitimacy and potential ways to make discrimination more unambiguously unacceptable. Study 1 (N = 340) tested the Social identity theory (SIT; Tajfel and Turner) prediction that sociostructural beliefs (i.e., group boundary permeability, cognitive alternatives to the status quo, and perceived pervasiveness of discrimination) are significant predictors of disabled group members perceiving discrimination as illegitimate. Study 2 (N = 189) extended this analysis to examine how disabled persons’ endorsement of the social model of disability differentially shapes their perceptions of the sociostructural relations we tested in Study 1, and how ...
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