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Medical health professionals mcqs

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P1: SFK/UKS BLBK128-Hark P2: SFK January 30, 2009 7:38 Multiple Choice Questions Case 1: Ruth Franklin: A 40-year-old African American woman with heart failure Select the best answer 1 Women from which of the following groups are least likely to perceive themselves as overweight? a. African American. b. Caucasian. c. Asian. d. Native American. 2 Which of the following statements best describes the importance of addressing a patient’s anger during an office visit? a. Eliminates the possibility of a lawsuit against the physician. b. Enhances the physician’s alliance with the patient. c. Prevents the physician from pursuing sensitive issues about the patient. d. Establishes the physician’s authority over the patient. 3 When a patient expresses anger about a physician’s colleague, which of the following statements would be the most appropriate response? a. Why are you so aggravated over something so trivial? b. Before I ask any questions, please calm down. c. What concerns do you have about how you were treated? d. Why don’t we go talk to Dr. X about your anger? 4 Physicians who provide pharmaceutical samples in their offices should be aware of which of the following statements? a. Patients prefer to fill their prescriptions at the pharmacy rather than receive samples. b. It is standard practice to give out free samples in physicians’ offices. c. Prescriptions written by physicians are typically not influenced by office samples. d. There may be a significant price ...
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