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TQM OF Service Industry JET AIRWAYS AVIATION INDUSTRY SCENARIO IN INDIA • The Indian aviation is one of the fastest growing aviation industry in the world • With the liberalization of the indian aviation sector, aviation industry in india has undergone a rapid transformation • Private airline accounts for almost 75% share of the domestic aviation market • India has 454 airports of these 16 are designated international airports PLAYERS IN THE INDIAN MARKETPLAYERS IN THE INDIAN MARKET • Airlines at International Routes • AIR INDIA • KINGFISHER • JET AIRWAYS • INDIAN AIRLINES Airlines at Domestic Routes • INDIGO • GO AIR • SPICE JET • AIR DECCAN INDIAN MARKET SHARE Sales 8% 5% 30% 8% JET AIRWAYS KINGFISHER AIRLINES AIR INDIA+INDIAN 20% INDIGO 29% SPICEJET OTHERS Welcome Aboard India’s Most Preferred Airline FORMATION OF JET AIRWAYS • Mr.Naresh Goyal founded Jetair (ltd) in May 1974 • In 1991 Diversification Programme • Commenced commercial operations in May MISSION • Jet Airways will be the most preferred domestic airline in India. • Jet Airways will achieve this pre-eminent position by offering a high quality of service and reliable, comfortable and efficient operations. CODE OF CONDUCT • • • • • Confidential information Fair dealing Compliance with laws and regulations Prevention of insider trading Encouraging reporting of unethical or illegal behavior • Record keeping JET AIRWAYS PARTNERSHIPS • ...
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