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Making Financial Business Decisions Student Name: Section: Course: Date: Introduction  Restaurant’s concept is Casual Dining  Name of the restaurant will be ITALIAN BISTRO  It offers a variety of foods such as salads, appetizers, and soups.  It also offers different beverages such as sprinkled water, bottled water, and vine etc.  Limited vine will be served to the customers.  Operation hours should be 11 am to 12 am for the whole week  Restaurant Specialty  Physical environment should be attractive that includes layout, table setting, and service staff , etc (Demet Tuzunkan n.p.)  Trained , qualified., and well-groomed employees  Decent Lightening that will not irritate the customers (Demet Tuzunkan n.p.) Building and Real Estate Summary  Building and Land Cost  It will cost $250,000  Also there is 20% on the property to put down  $200,000 will be taken from a bank.  Annual Taxes  $6,000 as annual taxes  $3600 for fire and liability insurance  Monthly Mortgage Payment  $6000/12 = $500  $3600/12 = $300  Interest at 7.5% for 10 years $200000/12 = 2374  So total Monthly mortgage payments is approximately $3174 (ERA Real Estate, n.d.) Start-up Expenses  Additional funds are $150,000  So, it will be allocated as below  For Grounds Allocation of additional funds For ground  10% 10%  For Interior Design  20%  For building structure For Building Structure ? ...
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