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Phi 200 week 2 discussion question 2




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I do believe that human beings have a right or obligation to the treatment of animals.
Not only as pets, but they way that we farm and raise them for food. If we choose to
have a animal as a pet then we take on the responsibility of maintaining their livelihood.
An animal is a living creature that can be very self sufficient, but that is if they are still
considered wild. If we take a creature out of its natural living situation then we have an
obligation to it. I do feel that if an animal of any sort attacks a human that we should put
it down. I do believe that animals are going to protect themselves just as a human
would as a way of life. Self preservation is the way of life within any type of living
creature. In regards to eating them, I can not say that it is morally wrong. Animals eat
one another because they need to eat to survive and the kill is part of evolution. Just
like animals, we need to eat to survive and the supplements that come from eating
animals allows use to survive. Meaning, that it is a natural evolution/ food chain, but the
use of steroids and other enhancers can cause harm to us and the animal. Testing on
animals has to be looked into as what regard is the testing being used for. In today's
time and age, many of the animals used in testing are cloned and it is to save human
life or at least help us to cure diseases that can come from animals. Basically, the moral
question that presents itself is rather we put a higher regard for animal life and sacrifice
the possibility of saving human lives.

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