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Phi 200 week 3 discussion question 2




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After watching the video, explain what the basic issue is about
teaching creationism (or Intelligent Design) in public school science
classes. Indicate how you would resolve this dispute.
Science supports evolution and religion supports Intelligent Design. That being said, why can’t
they coexist in the classroom? After viewing the video, my first thought is that Dan Abrams
presenting the interview from MSNBC is one of the rudest individuals ever conducting an
interview. Nothing can be accomplished by insulting and talking over people during a debate.
Therefore, there were numerous other documentations to listen to on the same topic and that’s
which is what I choose to do. After listening to several other interviews, I was truly surprised that
ministers and priests were asked to define the scientific explanation of the Intelligent Design
Theory; when obviously science is not their expertise. Even in a religious classroom, all theories
may be presented; however, one priest commented that students were encouraged to believe that
a higher power created them.
My conclusion is that the individuals or groups that believe in evolution are critical of Intelligent
Design because it is not science. Which is fine, Intelligent Design does not have to be presented
in a science class, but it can be presented as a theory in a religion class. I believe that parents
would be fine with that perspective, being I am a parent with five children in school. Philosophy,
science, and religion are topics I would like to see presented in their classrooms at a grade school
level, that is. There is room for everyone.

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