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Phi 200 week 4 discussion question 1




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After reading about the various proofs of the existence of God, identify which of these
arguments seems to be the best, and explain why you think so. Complete your
response by reflecting on why philosophers have sought for thousands of years to
provide such proofs, and whether it is necessary to do so.
The argument that I relate to in reference to the existence of God is the cosmological,
or first cause proof theory. It states that for something to exist in this world or universe,
something had to create it or at least bring it into existence. I am a religious person and
I do believe in God, which does require faith as in Fideism, so no proof needs to shown
because I understand that we even for evolution to occur something had to be created
first. Every effect has a cause; there are no uncaused events, but anything that takes
place was caused by a previous event (Mosser, K. 2011).The first cause proof shows us
that nothing happens without God being the first and the all that exist today is through
his creation.
Philosophers have sought out an answer to life’s entire question and that would
include the existence of God. I cannot say if it necessary to find such proof because it
is all a matter of one’s belief. Obviously if you seek to find an answer to a question,
which must mean that you believe that something has or had to exist.
Mosser, K. 2011. Retrieved

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