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Phi 200 week 5 discussion question 2




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After watching the video, "The Relationship of Philosophy to Other Fields," reect
on the relationship of philosophy to your life, in terms of your future education
and career goals. What value does philosophy have? How can people bene$t from
thinking more philosophically? What signi$cance does thinking and reasoning
critically play in society, and in human ourishing?
Naussbaum from the University of Chicago I felt stated it best in our video,"The Relationship of
Philosophy to Other Fields," because she spoke of the Greek philosophers and how they did not
just take a philosophy at its word but rather tried to find out why it was the way it was in stead.
Stating everything has a reason behind it. For example I am a single mother of five beautiful
children and I could not think of a better time than the present to go back to school to finish my
bachelors degree than right now. My youngest just started pre-k this year and it seemed that it
was time to finish what I had started almost eight years ago. Wow! right. So because of my
philosophical thinking I have managed to be able to keep my full time job, manage my family,
and take on my degree as well. If everyone would have some form of critically thinking and
reasoning to them than maybe society could pull ourselves out of the ruts we tend to fall in and
have human flourishing, because as humans we should not let our surroundings and our society
pull us down but rather strive to flourish and become better at what ever were uniquely good at.

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