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ACC 542 Week 6 Learning Team Assignment System Integrity and Validation PowerPoint

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System Integrity and Validation Audit Techniques The selected computer assisted auditing techniques to be used to validate data and system integrity within Kudler’s Fine Food system is the embedded audit software. Our firm highly recommends this auditing software to help improve the day-to-day operations at Kudler Fine Foods so it will allow each store to function effectively and efficiently. Embedded Audit Software • This type of software will help the financial advisor keep up will all financial transactions as they happen as opposed to having to check each one a few months after the transactions have occurred. • Continuous auditing software in the long run can save you a lot of money and time in couple of ways. • Errors or fraudulent activity occurring the financial accountant can catch as it happens. Audit Productivity Software • Auditing the entire data set of a company can be an extensive task even for the most experienced auditing team. To make the process faster and easier, a number of software programs have been developed that can be used to pre-sort the data into easily manageable databases for the auditors. This means that less time is spent compiling and sorting data, so the audit runs more smoothly, saving time and money in the long run. Electronic Working Papers Program • An effective software that creates a "paperless" office. • Create large databases involving everything the auditors are working on, sorting data and creating schedules. ...
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