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PHI 105 Week 8-DQ 2




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Week 8 – Discussion Question #2
Mary Wollstonecraft was a very intelligent woman voiced her feelings about the
unfair treatment of women through her actions and her writing. She challenged
others to reconsider what they thought women should be and they way they should
act and be treated within society. She rebelled against the general ideas that
women were the property of men and were could only serve as mothers and
homemakers. She became involved in the feminist and human rights movements
to express her views about women and the injustice they and other minority groups
had faced throughout time (Moore & Bruder, 2008, p. 497, 502).
Simone de Beauvoir had different views than Mary Wollstonecraft, but her views
still ran along the lines that woman were wrongly oppressed and considered
inferior to men. Unlike English and American feminists, Simone's views were
formed less from a legal and educational standpoint and more from the cultural
mechanisms of oppression; such mechanisms that put women in the role of Others
to man's Self (Moore & Bruder, 2008, p. 477). Just as other feminists of her time,
she rebelled against womens' traditional roles as homemakers and felt that society
should adapt to allow the conversion of women into non-customary roles. Her
most well-known writings, The Second Sex and The Coming of Age, were
specifically directed towards how women were viewed in society. Her writings
helped the second wave of feminism through description of what she felt it meant
to be a woman and how different the daily lives of women were in comparison to
men (Moore & Bruder, 2008, p. 477).
The first wave of feminism introduced ideas for the second wave. Women then
began to voice their feelings about the unfair treatment they endured. The first and
second-wave ultimately has a major impact on education, employment, and many
other factors of women's rights that had never been acknowledged.

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