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PHI 105 Week 9-Capstone DQ




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PHI 105 Capstone Queson
How has your view concerning the topic you covered in your nal project changed throughout this
Topic: When one selects a parcular professional life, does that also give one a certain set of moral
My views concerning my topic have not changed because I have worked within the social service
profession long enough to have learned the required set of moral obligaons associated with it. I do;
however, have a be)er understanding of the underlying elements and variables that make one person
able to uphold such moral and ethical obligaons be)er than another. I believe that having a be)er
understanding of philosophy will help me to carry out the professional responsibilies necessary to do
my job well.
The social services eld consists of many di+erent situaons; each made up of di+erent human
behaviors, backgrounds, and cultures. Social service workers must have the knowledge and abilies
required to help solve clients’ problems without judgment or bias. It is also important for these workers
to show compassion and empathy in hopes of improving another human’s quality of life. To successfully
help a client is a truly a wonderful feeling, and it feels even be)er to know that I helped using the
appropriate skills and behaviors.
Social service is not a eld to be entered into lightly. It is important that individuals who work in
this area of service follow strict moral and ethical standards in their everyday lives, but I do believe that
some of these standards can be learned through educaon and work experience. Learning the basics of
philosophy has opened my eyes to human behavior as well as moral and ethical issues. When I inially
accepted my posion with County Family Services, I believed that I already possessed all of the
necessary personality and behavior traits and was only lacking the required educaon and work
experience. I must admit that I did not expect the subject of philosophy to teach me so much about my
profession as well as give me a be)er understanding of human behavior in general, but it surely did.
What I have learned from this course has not only improved my daily work experience, but it has also
given me a newfound appreciaon for my future courses; ancipang what I will learn that will help
make me a be)er person as well as a be)er social service worker.

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