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Purpose Of The Lab Module 4

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Computer Science
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Lab 01: Vulnerability Scanning
Purpose of the lab
The lab introduces various methods of network discovery which can be used to find vulnerabilities in
a network that could be exploited maliciously. The lab shows how to view currently running
processes and details about them using netstat. In addition, the lab also shows how to scan a network
to find information about it. The lab also introduces the OpenVAS tool that is used to scan a host for
potential vulnerabilities.
How the lab can be used in a real life scenario
Knowledge obtained can be used to efficiently manage processes running in one’s device.
This includes viewing details of any processes running. If you suspect that a malicious process is
executing in your laptop, you can use netstat top view all processes running on your laptop. Network
managers can use nmap to scan their networks to find any anomalies as part of network maintenance.
OpenVAS can be used by a network administrator to perform security checks on hosts in a network.
How the lab went for me
The lab went smoothly. I did not experience any issues and the commands were very clear.
Explanations provided helped me learn.
Lessons learnt
I learnt how to view active and listening ports on my own machine. I also learnt how to find details of
processes running on my machine. Using nmap, I was able to scan a whole network to find
information about the hosts in that network. To find more specific information, I explored the option
of scanning a single host. I learnt how to use the OpenVAS tool to perform scans and interpret the
information obtained. OpenVAS is a powerful tool as it also provides solutions to help solve the
vulnerability issue.
1. Utilizing Netstat to Perform System Scans

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