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Group Dynamics and Team Building Discussion

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PRESENTED BY: KAPISH GIRDHAR RNO. 58 To understand group dynamics we must firstly know what a group is, so A group refers to two or more people who share a common meaning and evaluation of themselves and come together to achieve common goals. GROUP DYNAMICS Group dynamics deals with the attitudes and behavioral patterns of a group. Group dynamics is concerned how groups are formed, what is their structure and which processes are followed in their functioning. Thus, it is concerned with the interactions and forces operating between groups. The members of the group must have a strong sense of belonging to the group.  The more attraction a group member is to its members, the greater influence it would exercise on its members.  The successful efforts to change individuals sub parts of the group would result in making them confirm to the norms of the group.  Information relating to the need for change , plans for change and the consequences of the changes must be shared by the members of the group.  The changes in one pact of the groups may produce stress in the other parts, which can be reduced only by eliminating the change or by bringing about readjustments in the related parts.  The groups arise and function owing to common motives. The intergroup relations , group organization , member participation is essential for effectiveness of a group. Confidentiality is a major requirement which is achieved by mutual respect for one another. ...
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