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Dentist can be demon for the money






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Dentist can be demon for the money
The people of the entire countries would like to earn more and more every day
of the life. The people wish to be good person of their society, just because they have their
own responsibilities and family behind. Some of the people do not understand that and being
the bad persons for their own family and the societies. Dentist is one of those jobs who have
the great responsibilities towards the society. Some of the people do realize that and some of
the people do not realize that. The Dentist job is really very tough job this job only for those
people who wish to do it honestly. Some of the people who wish to make only the money,
they decide to cheat with the society and some of them becomes Dentist.
Those people who wish just to make the money by doing the business of
Dentist, some of them have strategy to open the shop in the local market and just give service
to the local basic knowledge person, who has only little bit of the knowledge of the Dentist.
The people who makes the strategy is always being behind the plans, the people who opens
the business by small shop and they pays the person who takes the all patients and cures
them, some of the people are giving such little amount of salary to person, from which the
person can’t make enough earning for their family. That is how some person being demon for
the Dentist.
Some of the Dentist even being the demon for the people, the people who are
becoming the doctor, some of them specialized as Dentist, just because they can earn more
with this job. Yes we cannot refuse that this job is one the highest earning job, but some of the
people do believe it in wrong manner and after they becomes the doctor, they takes higher
money as fees from the patients and making the pockets full. Some of people who are
becoming the doctor, and also prescribing the false medicines to the patients which are made
in higher cost, and some of them takes the commission from the shop keepers who are
keeping the medicines for sale. That is how the best job of whole earth becomes the only
business and way of earning for some of the doctors and the Dentist. It is always better to
stay away from those people.

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I was having a hard time with this subject, and this was a great help.