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Fake Dentist makes Real Teeth Unreal






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Fake Dentist makes Real Teeth Unreal
Nobody knows that a doctor cures the patients but how? The language of the
instructions or prescription in written can only understand by the doctors or medical shop
owners. The people who wish to read those written notes of the doctor, they could not read it
properly. One of the funny answers is this, the doctors do not wish that any patient can know
that which medicine is for what? If any patient can know that, the person will not go to the
doctor or Dentist clinic. We can say that Dentist is much required person of all. All the
people who eat junk food, they will require the Dentist once in life time. The junk food
invites the teeth’s illness to the patients as much early as in four years.
Some of the people would not be believe that some doctors are not the real
doctor, some of the Dentist is not the real doctor, and they just know basic cure process of the
illness. These types of the doctors are just working for the money; they just wish to have the
money in their life. If any patient comes to their clinic, they just demands the more amount of
money to cure, and they are just using the basic medicines to cure the illness, but some of
those medicines can hurt us after the long period of the time. That Dentist should be banned
for the society. That Dentist should not be allowed to work in their life.
There are the numbers of persons, who are not able to earn enough money,
which are given by the government. These poor persons cannot spend more than enough
money on anything they wish to buy. They also wish to be the big rich man. They are also
wishes to be Dentist and wish to cure the people’s illness. If they are wish to get the doctor
job and to be the Dentist, it is very difficult. Also they requires huge amount of money. But to
study the medical and to be the Dentist to get doctor job is very difficult for those people. All
the medical colleges are giving seats to rich person just for some money, and making the
person good doctor. So we can say that we must give job to the poor people and must stop the
person who giving the fake service by giving the fake medicines.

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