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Pilot Insurance Is Made Fake By Some People






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Pilot Insurance Is Made Fake By Some People
The past decade’s people were so genuine that they do not know even of the
cheating word. The people of that time were did not knew that their future will be changed.
Today every thing is changed. Every things which are changed, those are became very
different from the past. Not only the things, but also the relations of the people are also
changed. Today the people believe in just close relations, not the other relations. Same as this
the insurance can be made by the known persons and today it is being same, the pilot
insurance is being made fake. Yes this is true that some persons are making the insurances
fake and takes the money for their spending.
Some of the people are not only the making the fake insurances, some of them
are creating fake companies for making just money. Some of the people are believing in just
making the money and they wish to make money by any way, so they are always choosing
the easiest way to earn money, they are choosing the insurance plan, in this business they are
not sale any product to the customers, they are just sale the security plan for their airplanes
and aircrafts also for pilots. Some of the customers are being catches by those fake persons
and they gives them money as securing the airplane insurance plans. It is very big
responsibility to fly the airplanes and it is the matter of the lives of the people who travelling
with airplanes.
Some of the people do not understand that and for making the some money,
they are giving the fake insurance to the aviation companies, and after some claims happens
to the company, they rejects them by telling the wrong reasons to the company. The insurance
companies do not wish to give the money to the aviation company, which is why all the time
they are rejecting the claims. Some of the people are making too big fake company that also
wishes to make the aviation insurance. After that if any aviation company claims their
insurance, the company always rejecting by some wrong reason. So we would say that we the
people should be safe from those kinds of people who wish to make money and wish to cheat
us by telling or offering the fake things. You should check those people and make the society
and our country clean

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