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How To Make Green Juice From Green Apple






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How To Make Green Juice From Green Apple?
The people of the today just need one thing; they have only one dream to do.
The person of today believes that body must be maintained. However some of the people
can’t do that because of the permanent fat of the body. People believe that the body of
themselves should be shown properly to the person who is in front of them. Not only the man
but also women lead them in this belief. Something that can help to both of them is green
juice. Today the people not only eats the junk food but also eats anything which can be
harmful to the body, they should try green juice to avoid fat of the body. Green juice is one
of the healthy drinks of the whole earth.
The past decade generation was not aware of these kinds of drinks, but to be
healthy they were eating the green food items more than any other food item. Now you can
make the good green juice from the green apple. The green apple is one of the most healthy
food items of all. You can make the green juice at your home, because outside at some of the
shop and markets are not making that green juice as healthy as homemade. If you wish to
start making the juice, you have to take one green apple first and cut that in small pieces.
After that Juice of half a lemon, it will add the good taste to green juice. After that you add 1
inch of ginger, 1/4 of a bunch of celery, 1/4 bunch of dandelion greens.
If you have finished adding those items, you have to add 2 cups of a spinach
salad blend. To make good taste of green juice, it is very important. After adding these items,
you have to add 1 bunch of parsley and 1/2 cup water. That’s it. Now you have to start
blending those items, if you wish to give more taste to the green juice, you can add some
more lemon juice in it, and if you wish to make more quantity of the juice, you can add more
water, but you have to take care of those items also. After blending those items maximum
twenty minutes by blender, you can check your green juice and also check it by drinking
little bit. If the taste is nice, you can have it and also can serve it to guests.

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