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School Lunch and Breakfast Programs


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An Informative Paper on Breakfast and
Lunch Programs in Schools
In this paper, we will discuss about the nutritional ways that are helpful to the children served in school
breakfast and lunch services. The economic issues like as health, safety and compliance that are faced by
the service providers. Food security is the main requirement of the population and the children need
special health care to grow and take part in all activities of the school programs. So, the changes in
system are required as NSLP and SBP are the programs that are executed to meet the children needs. By
the help of these programs served population get a lot of benefits and that is the reason that they can
provide every kind of resources to the population served in school systems.
Key Words:
School Breakfast and Lunch Program, nutritional requirements, diet, developing process, food insecurity,
A thesis statement:
This paper will discuss about the developments in the serving system of breakfast and lunch in
schools. It will describe the needs and problems faced by the servers as food insecurity is major
problem. It will explain the developing programs as NSLP and SBP, its benefits and finally about
the conclusion.
The present nutrition state is not good for students to get good health that is essential for their growth
and healthy mind. A number of needs are present as specialized health care, more calories for growth
and food security as significant need for school children. In adolescence and childhood, various eating
healthy programs are very essential for the health, growth and development. The largest school
breakfast program is the “United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)” (U.S Department of
Agriculture Food and Nutrition Service, 2014). These plans prevent a lot of diseases as cancer, heart
diseases and iron deficiency problems. We can get improvements by providing fruits and vegetables
jointly. Providing further whole-grain foods and limiting the calories according to the age of the
students. Hence, by the use of some of these changes and developing programs as National School

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Lunch Program (NSLP) we can offer good food and health for students getting great interest in studies
and other activities.
Economic Issues:
There are various economical issues faced in serving population in schools. There are obedience, safety
and health issues. As given below;
1 what are the liabilities of school food overhaul?
2- Who can Supply of further information and other methodological support.
3- Where can supplementary funds are achieved?
In 2009, the USA provided a report that explains that the safety standards of agricultural marketing
service (AMS) that buys meat for school lunches were lower than average standards of the fast food
restaurants in the country.
Moreover, there is communication issues associated with FDA. These create repeated use of suppliers
with a long history of food safety violations. The kitchens of the schools are ill equipped for food
preparations and meals are delivered in prepackaged containers as reheated and served on the site by
the contractors. The use of the soft drinks has tripled in the last 7 years among teenagers and 13% of
their calories come from carbonated and non-carbonated soft drinks. These empty calories are crating
long-term health problems like as weight loss and obesity. School districts have not the funds to change
the system of school and that is why, system remains same.
Special needs E.g. (Health):
The students or populations having health care needs mean that they require specific health care in the
duration of school day to contribute in educational program. The growing children require more calories
than those provided by meals at schools. Food security is an important issue that must be resolved. The
population served in school breakfast and lunch requires more calories to accomplish their activities at
school education. They require good physical conditions, so that they could get higher ranks in exams.
Children with special disabilities need special education and other services.
There are two major categories of children needs;
Children with disabilities are incapable to eat ordinary meals
Children with persistent medical condition are not shown to have disability.

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Changing programs:
There are several changes and programs that can resolve the presented issues.
The school lunch and breakfast servers enable a menu adjustment for children with disabilities.
They would serve children with extraordinary nutritional needs with no disabilities.
They acquire additional expenses in the school lunch and breakfast programs.
The school service would make sure that the students are served with both fruits and vegetables
everyday of the week. They provide additional whole-grain foods and present low-fat milk as well. There
are some other steps as,
1- Presenting limited calories in accordance to the age of the students.
2- “It is stated by final rule that students with poor quality have access to food from other
3- To make food more healthful is also a positive step for breakfast and lunch in school.
4- National School Lunch (NSLP) is the best federal program in the United States by president Herry
S.Truman in 1946 ( McDougall and McDougall, 2013).
5- Moreover, nutritional guidelines are required to deal with issues of obesity.
6- Food insecurity is the threat of growth, health and behavioral prospective for those who are
Benefits of these programs:
In all these programs, there are a lot of benefits gained by the population served in school lunch and
breakfast. They can get good health and save their lives from a number of diseases, like cancer,
heart diseases, and iron deficiency problems and so on.
“The green revolution improvement of special hybrid seeds in 1960s and 1970s assisted to globalize
the agribusiness and make school lunch homogeneous by offering a single contractor of grains to a
large quantity of school” (committee on Nutrition Standards for National School Lunch and
Breakfast Program, 2010).
The programs of National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs declares that changes must
be made for children as for those who are not capable to consume school meal because of
disabilities, when that need is skilled by a licensed physician.

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