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NTC 360 Week 4 DQ1




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Week 4 DQ1
What are the similarities and differences between promotional push strategies and promotional pull
strategies? What is an example of a situation in which an organization would use a push strategy? What is
an example of a situation in which an organization would use a pull strategy?
Most marketing efforts go into promotional push and pull strategies. Promotional pull
strategies are used to get to the company’s product and to buy the product. Once the
customer buys the product the company next strategy is the pulling methods to bring the
customer back for additional purchases.
The two sale methods usually work together to gain and retain customers, both methods
places a high demand on the product for sales, the difference between the two methods is
that pulling the consumer in is done by a salesperson and the pulling is during the
advertisement of the product.
For example the Wii game where the parts of the game are sold separately the idea is to
have the consumer purchase the entire game if the customer can afford it, but if the
customer cannot afford each piece of the game at one time, the company will send out
additional promotional push strategies for the product, to attack the consumer back in to
the store.
The two strategies are usually paired together in advertisement.
I would like to use the I-phone as an example of the pull strategy. The first model 3G
and the second model the 3Gs. If memory service me right I’m remembering, Apple
sales where in the millions but the company did not have enough to service the popular
culture demand when distributing the product and some consumers had to wait a number
of days for their phones.

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