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NTC 362 Week 4 Individual Assignment- INDP, Part 3




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Kudler Fine Foods Network: Final
University of Phoenix

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Kudler Fine Foods is taking the next step to upgrade the existing infrastructure with new
wireless technology which will provide a better communication link for not only the all of the
stores, but for all of the employees as well. With new systems and servers the ability to
maximize the company’s profits will increase overnight. The new inventory system will allow
the stores POS systems to alert the warehouses to ship more products when they are running low
automatically. This will eliminate the need of wasted man hours checking the stock.
The communication throughout all the stores is also being upgraded with VoWLAN,
which will give the employee the flexibility of taking calls while providing the services as
needed for each customer. The other technological advances that will be introduced will provide
real time network analysis and security monitoring. Once the new network is completed it will
bring Kudler Fine Foods to a new standard of service.
Network Overview
Kudler aging network infrastructure is getting to the point of extinction. The Bus
network which is installed does not allow the stores to communicate with each other because
they are on separate networks. This is a problem because there is no central location for any
network servers and no backups or security is set up. This is why an enterprise wireless wide
area network is being rolled out. Having a network that provides mobility is essential in today
business world and why it will become a corner stone for Kudler for years to come. The WLAN
will provide new ways of communication to take place, which will be by computer and by a new
voice over wireless local area network.
All sales counters will have brand new Dell Precision T5500 towers running windows 7
with wireless networking capability. These systems will all have Norton anti-virus installed

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which will prevent viruses, worms, and other known exploits at the system level. The new
systems will allow for faster transactions and communication to the POS server. The new
systems will be in constant communication with the hand held inventory system. This will give
all employees the ability to check on current prices, stock, and shipments in real-time whenever
they need without waiting for management.
The VoWLAN will give all employees and management cell phones that work within the
Kudler WLAN network. This will eliminate the headaches missed calls, busy signals, and not
being able to contact a manger when needed. The new communication system will have the
ability to call all sites whenever needed. The VoWLAN connection will be provided by the
Cisco 1941 wireless router. The OfficeServ VoWLAN supplies a wireless signal to all the
phones in the area and will act like a cell phone network located within the company.
All this technology is great, but what if there is no service available or one of wireless
routers goes down? When the service provider is having outage issues the T1 line that is located
at DelMar will be used be as backup internet. This same line will be used if a Cisco wireless
router goes down, which will provide an uninterrupted service, so that that particular site will not
lose communication.
The backup power supplies will also be increased in size because of the equipment that is
on the network. The amount UPS systems at the Del Mar site will also be increased by two as
well. This will be needed because all of the servers will be relocated to this one central location.
This setup is imperative in making sure Kudle is always in constant communication with all the
servers in case of a power outage at this main site.
One major issue with the old network is that it has no central location for any of the
servers; this will be taken care of in the new network. There will be four servers, which will

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