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Constraint Management Class Notes_244840420-Performance-Management

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Performance Management Performance Management DEFINITION  Performance management is the process through which managers ensure that employee activities and outputs are congruent with the organization's goals. PURPOSES    Strategic: Link employee activities with the organization’s goals Administrative: Administrative decisions like salary, pay raises, promotions, retention, terminations, layoffs Developmental: Develop employees who are effective at their jobs MODEL    Individual (employee) attributes, including skills & abilities, are the raw materials of performance reflected in the employee behavior. The individual (employee) behavior affects the objective results (the measurable, tangible outputs of the work). Organization Strategy specifies at the start of the evaluation period the types and level of performance that must be accomplished to achieve the goals of the company. At the end of the evaluation period, individuals and groups are evaluated based on how closely their actual performance met the performance plan. Situational Constraints are always at work within the performance management system. An employee may have the necessary skills and yet not exhibit the necessary behaviors. Terms & Concepts    Performance Appraisal: the process through which an organization gets information on how well an employee is doing his or her job Performance Standards: the criteria by which employees will be judged Performance Feedback: the proce ...
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