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Mba 620 michelle ferola balanced scorecard b

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BASIC BALANCED SCORECARD TEMPLATE COMPANY B [Insert text ADDRESS STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES CITY STATE TARGETS KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS YEAR 1 YEAR 2 ZIP INITIATIVES YEAR 3 PROGRAMS/INITIATIVES These KPI's were chosen because it is a goal of the company to get FINANCIAL new aircraft and the current aircrafts are coming close to their end of life. Watching the net earnings will help determine the right Invest in new aircraft Net earnings $79,000 $85,000 $90,000 time to invest in new aircarfts and havng a relationship with manufacturing companies may help cut the cost. Cause/effect: If Relationship with manufacturing companies the net earnings do not come in high enought to purchase new aircraft it can be dangerous having an aircraft for much longer than its intended life cycle. Having a good relationship with manufacturing companies can help this greatly as a deal can most likely be made. 1. Ask customers to take a survey on their inflight experience and CUSTOMER have detailed questions about the cleanliness 2. Have someone Provide a cleaner flight with more amenities sign off that the correct cleanliness measures were taken and the Set specific guidelines for cle ...
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