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Week 1 Milestone Freud S Personality

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Freud's Biographical Background  Born in the 19th century  On of psychoanalysis founders  He was Jewish  He was from a polygamous family  He theorizes that childhood influence adult personality  He died in London 1939 Source: Sigmund Freud | Biography, Theories Freud’s Beliefs  Human behavior is based on unconscious instinct  The behavior is not mainly influenced by teaching and learning as adults but as children  Personality is based on three things which are Id, Ego, and Superego  According to Freud, the id is present from birth and it is mostly driven by the principle of pleasure Id, Ego, and Superego Cherry, K. (2019). Freud’s id, ego, and superego. Verywell Mind, 28. Superego  In Christianity, the super-ego tends to balance the id and the ego.  The superego tries to civilize and perfect our behavior.  In a Christian setting there are usually norms and guidelines on how we are supposed to live our lives.  The superego is involved with providing guidelines on how we make our judgment. Therapeutic Approach of Freud  He developed Psychoanalysis as a form of Therapy  The therapist relies on the assumption of unconscious instinct  Thus understand the background of the patient is key  Behaviors and pattern of the patient are as a result of childhood experiences  Freud's seduction trauma and his self-analysis led him to come up with the Oedipus complex. Therapeutic Approach of Freud ...
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