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What is a distribution channel?
A distribution channel is way to deliver, display and sell the products. “The marketer
uses distribution channels to display, sell, or deliver the physical product or service(s) to
the buyer or user. They include distributors, wholesalers, retailers, and agents” (Kotler &
Keller, 2009, p. 14) Toys R Us is a big example of distribution channel; they distribute
different types of toys and baby products to their own stores, they are displayed there
and then sold to customers.
What is the relationship between channels of distribution and logistics?
Logistics and distribution channels work together and complement each other. Toys R
Us has an online store where customers can order the toy and then it is delivered to
their doorstep, or a near store. Distribution channels can vary but they will always rely
on logistics to deliver to physical location.
How does geographical location affect your selection of distribution channels?
Geographical location is one of the most important factors that would decide my
selection of distribution channels. Local company will be preferred because of few
advantages. They include zero or minimum delivery time, minimum shipping cost, and
warranty claim problems. Purchasing from a distant location will be heavier on my
pocket as compared to purchasing from local or nearby store. In addition, it will cost me
extra if I claim the product if some fault comes.
Kotler, P. & Keller, K.L. (2009). Markeng management (13th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pren!ce-Hall.

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