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MKT421 Wk 5 DQ 1




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Florida's Department of Citrus and a coalition of consumer groups have launched an
attack on your company for "deceptive marketing" because your company markets its
"SunShine" drink as fruit juice even though the drink contains less than five percent fruit
juice. Marketing "SunShine" drink as a fruit juice leads parents to believe that they are
purchasing a healthy juice for their children. What ethical and moral issues are involved in
this situation? Should these issues impact the marketing of "SunShine" drink? Why or why
Sunshine is misleading the people by not telling them the exact contents of its drink therefore its
actions are not justified on the moral and ethical grounds.
Every organization has some social responsibility and consumer responsibility is a part of social
responsibility. Marketers also have to be careful about the consumer responsibility. Social
responsibility is a principle that says everyone, be it a government, organization, a complete
family or a single individual, is answerable to the society. This responsibility towards the society
can be negative or positive. It they have to stop from something then it is negative responsibility
and if they have to do something then it is positive responsibility.
In this case, the public is angry because the marketers of the company are trying to take
advantage of certain market segments, say kids or people in the lower income bracket. They also
think that it can lead to setting of negative trends in the society. Sunshine will surely lose sales
because of their unethical behavior.
Some ethical guidelines for the marketers are as under:
1. Marketers should behave responsibly towards the society and their actions should not be
in conflict with any moral standard. They should accept responsibility if anything goes
2. Everything mentioned about the product should be precise and clear.
3. Any sales campaign that is not in favor of overall societal values should be avoided.
In today’s fast paced and ever-changing business world, people are much more sensitive with
regard to a company’s social responsibility. Quick transfer of cash all over the world and
globalization of businesses has fueled this trend. Now companies need to be flexible enough to
embrace the changes around them.
Company employees should think reasonably about their responsibilities towards the company as
well as the society. They should act in a manner that benefits all the stakeholders. Leadership of
the companies should take this in their hands that nothing wrong is done by their company.

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