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MKT 230 Week 7 CheckPoint Integrated Marketing Communication Strategies




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An organization can establish an IMC plan by carefully researching and studying the products
it will sell and its market. The IMC plan should be designed to allow all phases of marketing
communication to work together as one, rather than individually to create a unified voice for
the organization.
When developing its IMC strategy a company must go through several stages. The first stage
is to identify a target audience by understanding as much as possible about them, and their
buying behavior. The use of a good database can help target different segments and develop the
necessary messages for each customer.
The second stage is to establish the communication objectives, which can be accomplished
by following a series of steps best known as the hierarchy effects. The idea is to pass the
consumer through a series of steps such as awareness, knowledge, desire, purchase, and finally
loyalty from the moment they first learn about the product.
The third step consists of determining the marketing budget, which could be affected by
factors such as the total communication budget, whether to use the pull or push strategy, and the
amount allocated for specific promotions. The company can test different possibilities and
determine amount needed and where the marketing budget will work best.
The fourth and fifth stage consists of designing the promotion mix, and evaluating the
effectiveness of the plan. The promotion mix is based on specific communication tools,
desired message and channels used to communicate this message to target audiences. In
the final stage the evaluation consists of reviewing all aspects of the plan and determine if
these methods are reaching the targeted market effectively.

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