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Company Simulation from Management 490






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Introduction to Business
Simulation Report
Excellence Inc.

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Part 1 – Providing a frank evaluation of your strategy
Despite a slow start, Excellence, Inc. made great strides on our ability to learn and
advance our knowledge each year. Our success was driven by a strong desire to consistently offer
every consumer ideal experience. We were focused on serving the best interest of every
consumer with the highest level of quality with competitive prices - and our efforts showed in the
final Y16. This was due to our management team's specific strategic planning and performance
Weekly meetings were held to carefully review all performance results from: Credit
Rating, Net Revenues, Internet, Wholesale and Private-Label Sales, Market Share and Image
Rating along with Investor Expectations. Also, in our weekly meetings the performance charts
allowed us to know what areas we needed improve our strategy.
In the start of Y10 on through Y16, we closely applied the same business strategy plan of
achieving the highest level of quality at competitive prices. However, in Y12 we neglected to
focus on Private-Label Sales and as a result our Net Revenues were slightly down. Then in the
following year when we did focus on Private-Label Sales, but not enough which left us with the
same result as Y12. Also, maintaining a high image rating and credit rating was important to us
because, "The best-in-industry score is based on how your company's performance compares to
the industry's best performer on Earnings Per Share, Return on Equity (ROE), stock price
appreciation, image rating and to the ultimate credit rating of A+" (Player's Guide, pg. 32).
Therefore, our high image rating and credit rating of A+ is what helped us move up in fourth

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Part 2 - Providing your “top five learnings”
The knowledge and implementation of Strategic Leadership, Specific Goals, Marketing,
Efficiency and Economics of Scale, and Brand Loyalty were all an essential part of Excellence
Inc., “top five learnings” in the Business Strategy Game.
First, Strategic Leadership helped us understand how to effectively create competitive
advantage in our strategy-making process. When our team at Excellence, Inc. started in Y10 we
designed a strategy plan to emphasize on premium quality with competitive prices. By applying
this we were able to effectively compete with some of the top competitors in the footwear
Second, specific goals were very important in developing our yearly performance plan.
Our team was able to properly analyze where we were at, where we needed to be, and how to get
there. This was especially helpful to us in Y12 and Y13 when our market share declined to less
than 8% and our Net Revenues declined by 35%.
Third, marketing was also an important piece in helping us reach our target market.
Effective marketing of our private-label brand is what increased our market share in North
America, Europe-Africa and Latin America.
Fourth, Efficiency and Economies of Scale were extremely important in keeping our
waste and productions costs low. This helped increase our S/Q ratings which “Market research
indicates that the S/Q ratings are generally the second most highest factor (behind price) in
shaping consumers’ choices of which footwear brand to purchase” (Players Guide, pg. 9).

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