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MKT 421 Week 2 Individual Assignment Marketing Mix




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Marketing Mix
March 28, 2011

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Marketing Mix
According to Kotler and Keller (2009), as classified by McCarthy, the marketing-mix is
made of four tools, which are called the four P’s of marketing. They are product, price, place,
and promotion. Through marketing strategies developed within an organization, the
organization can verify products that will be effective for the organization. In addition, the
research provides information to implement correctly the pricing structure, placement, and
promotional structure, which will lead to the success of the new product or products. In this
paper, we will look at the four P’s, which have led to the success of McDonald’s Corporation
since its beginnings in 1955.
In the late 1950s life was simpler. McDonald’s product line was simple as well
hamburgers, fries, cool fountain drinks, and creamy milk shakes. The goal was for every
location to serve the same products. This would represent consistency to ensure that at each
location the consumer would receive the same dining experience. Not to mention the “Golden
Arches” and “Ronald McDonald”, which gave the consumer an image to remember and look for
when wanting an affordable dining experience.
Over the years, life has changed and McDonald’s has changed with it. Competition has
increased and the consumers need and desires have increased. McDonald’s knew year ago that
if they were to continue running a successful operation they must change their ways of the past
and reinvent the product line as time goes by. However, they have never lost sight of getting the
consumers in and out quickly, conveniently, and with the correct order. This dictation to
product lines and customer service has led the company in its expansions into the global
market. By 1967, McDonald’s opened operations in Canada and Puerto Rico; today, they
operate in 118 countries (McDonald's Corporation, 2011).

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In the United States, products such as the burgers, fries, and soft drinks have been on
the menu since the beginning. Breakfast items, salads, wraps, low fat milk and the Chicken
McNugget are part of the ever- changing product line, which is designed to meet the needs of
the consumers. These needs are addressed again when opening new locations in exotic areas
such as China, Fiji, India, Israel, Morocco, and Singapore. Extensive research is conducted with
local citizen and potential franchise owners to ensure a smooth transition for everyone.
Thinking locally and acquiring citizens native to the country owning the new franchises, which
employees locally and has suppliers locally has allowed this to be possible (McDonald's
Corporation, 2011).
Increased competition from Starbucks, lead to the latest product line, which is
McDonald’s McCafe. A premium coffee offering lattes, cappuccinos, and mochas was added to
the menu on May 5, 2009. In 2010, McCafe offers a variety of fruit smoothies with 2011
bringing the McCafe shake and a new breakfast item, fruit and maple oatmeal (McDonald's
Corporation, 2011). Along with these changes McDonald’s has listened to the consumers
demands by providing zero trans-fats in fries, Filet-O-Fish, and other products.
The United States market is saturated with more than 13,000 locations (Hotel Mule
WiKi, n.d.). The locations can be seen on every other corner and includes schools, stores, and
more. The idea was to have a location within research for everyone. Opportunities still exist
globally as new nation’s desires to expand into new markets. These new opportunities have
shown to increase the standard of living for those nations while creating a new market for
Pricing. McDonald’s pricing in based on product line pricing, promotional pricing,
penetration pricing, and value pricing. Product line pricing has a pricing strategy, which falls

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