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MKT 421 Week 2 Learning Team Assignment Marketing Plan Phase I.




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Marketing Plan Phase I
University Of Phoenix
March 26, 2011

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Marketing Plan Phase I
The marketing plan is the key to the success of an organization in today’s business
world. The marketing plan applies the strategies the organization will use to reach their
organizational goals. This marketing plan will give an overview of Best Buy Company, Inc.
and a description of a new product which they plan to develop and sell.
Organizational Overview
In 1966 Richard Schulze opened his first store, which was called the Sound of Music.
In 1983 the company became known as Best Buy and by 1985 it was a publicly-traded
company. This all came about with a vision of “People, Technology. And the pursuit of
happiness” (Best Buy, 2009 - 2015), which is the mission of Best Buy. The employee’s
concentrate their energy on the customers, vendors, and shareholders, because the success of
Best Buy depends on the people. The products and services provide the latest in
technological advances, while the pursuit of happiness is shared within and throughout the
company. After all, the goal is to provide the products and services to meet the customers,
shareholders, and even employee’s needs.
The company began it operation in St. Paul, Minnesota back in 1966. By 2002, Best
Buy had expanded to Canada with the acquisition of Future Shop. Today, the company has
locations in Mexico, China, and nine European countries, with a product line to match.
Though the store started out as an audio component systems retailer, it has grown to include
many products and services. Products range from video equipment, computers, office
furniture, appliances and the list goes on. Services range from excellent customer service, the
geek squad, the buy-back program, trade-in center, appliance delivery, installation, and
repair, service plans, and the use of recycling which is beneficial to us all (Best Buy, 2009 -
Introduction of the Universe Smartphone

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Best Buy has had a historical presence in the sales of mobile phones but this will soon
change as Best Buy will be introducing a new smartphone. The R&D (Research and
Development) team has released the new specifications for the phone so that the marketing
team can develop a strategy to make the sales of said phone a success.
The operating system is one of the most important aspects of a new phone, which
defines the users experience with applications and functionality but not associated with
ergonomics or mechanics. Best Buy and the research team has developed a new operating
system which they have labeled “Universe” which will not only be standard on the new
flagship phone but also sold to other phone and tablet PC manufactures. The new OS
incorporates many of the same features as the competitor products such as touch sensitivity
and ease of use but offers other features not common with other OS’s. Some of the new
features included are native office applications such as Open Office, RDP (remote desktop)
and for the IT professional will offer server and data center monitoring and control.
Best Buy has also improved on the phone design and will launching the Universe
smartphone which features the Universe OS. As far as the esthetics of the phone it is a basic
candy bar design which can still fit in the users pocket with the keyboard feature used within
the touch screen. The new phone offers many of the same features as other phones on the
market but has improved upon the strength and durability of the device with a new
magnesium frame which is almost indestructible. Housed on the new frame will be a new
skin and touch screen dubbed “Chameleon”. Chameleon technology changes the color or hue
of the device dependant on the users skin temperature much in the same way mood rings
work. The touch screen made of Gorilla Glass, first developed by Corning which is almost
Best Buy has also determined that it is time to enter the service carrier market. As a
service carrier Best Buy will not only carry contracts and provide services for the Universe

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