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MKT 421 Week 2 Summary




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The second week of this course really helped me to build upon the marketing foundation that I learned
last week along with information I learned at work. This week I found interesting information on
marketing research and how to apply it to the workplace. Surprisingly enough, I had already applied
many of the concepts of marketing research on a project that my boss left me in charge of. I also
learned why marketing research was important to marketing strategy.Marketing research is very
important to developing marketing strategy because it allows the business to know what the customers
want and how they feel about a particular product or service. This allows businesses to improve on the
product or service to become better than the competition.
I also learned about competitive intelligence this week. This topic was also very interesting and gave
me a better understanding about marketing. In order for the company to plan a strategy against their
competitors, they must first understand the customers and understand the three important steps to take
to be able to identify.
Finally, it was great being able to start working with my team members on the first assignment. This
assignment seems like we will be building on the assignment throughout the course and that excites
me. This week was packed with some useful information I plan on applying to my workplace. I am
looking forward to the next three weeks.

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