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MKT 421 Week 3 Individual Assignment Marketing Research




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Kudler Fine Foods - Marketing Research
April 4, 2011

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Kudler Fine Foods - Marketing Research for
Kathy Kudler founded Kudler Fine Foods out of her own desire to have gourmet foods,
which she loves to cook. Kudler Fine Foods is an upscale gourmet food market, offering a vast
selection of the freshest and finest ingredients and products. Kudler can offer these items at a
reasonable price and the stores have trained employees to assist their customers with item
Market Research
Marketing research is defined as the gathering, analyzing, and interpreting of information
about a market. Research is conducted on a product or service to be offered for sale in that
market based on past, present, and potential customers. It analyzes the characteristics, spending
habits, location, and needs of the target market, the industry, and the competition the business
will face (Entrepreneur Media, Inc., 2011). After a visit to the Kudler website, it has been
determined that further research is needed to determine a new course of action for the
organization. The surveys currently offered at the store provide some information, but they do
not give enough information to adequately chart a new marketing plan. This means that further
research must be conducted to determine the organizations appropriate course of action.
Defining the marketing problem.
At the present it seems that not enough information has been gathered to analyze the
marketing problem. Kudlers needs information, which will help them to determine what is
needed to expand the catering service, in-store cooking events, and the organic food lines, which
they already offer in all locations. The company needs a plan, which will help them to track the
effectiveness of their decisions. This can be accomplished by tracking the sales or events they
plan to kick off and what they expect out of these actions and the consumers reactions to these

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sales or events. Additionally, the introduction of a frequent shoppers program will assist with the
market research.
Gathering, analyzing, and interpreting marketing research. As more consumers
become interested in their health, they will be looking at alternatives food sources. Kudlers
already offers a fine selection of organic food products; however, they need to place more
attention to these products. This can be done by introducing these products during an in-store
cooking event. This will give the store an opportunity to introduce the products as locally grown
and introduce the benefits of eating organic foods. This would also be a wonderful time to
introduce new products, which is a great way to advertise with no additionally cost involved.
Plus, the consumers will be more interested in purchasing the product once they have seen the
introduction of the new product in the on-site event. This time is more than just a sale
opportunity; it is also an excellent time to gather information from the customers. Feedback from
the customers will help the company to increase the services they offer and provide the products
the customers are looking for. This will help to ensure customer loyalty, which in turn ensures
customer satisfaction for Kudler.
Using the current inventory process and the introduction of the frequent shopper program
Kudlers will be able to determine which food items are most popular. Making note of the items
used at on-site events will be another way of tracking customer preference. The customers who
attend these events would be a great place to start surveying the potential for a catering business.
After all these individuals have a passion for food, and they would give a more honest answer
concerning their thoughts on the catering business. After all, they would probably be the first
ones to use such a service because they already know the quality of the food prepared by
Kudlers, and they would be sure to recommend it to their friends.

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