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MKT 230 week 2 Assignment Marketing Plan Exercise




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Marketing Plan

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When thinking of a product that I personally use and have been able to identify a
problem with is my personal computer. It is manufactured by the “Hewlett Packard’
company. The problem is with the video card and what the computer states is the life of
the video card. If the Hewlett Packard company was to have a marketing department that
relied on consumer feedback to make improvements it would be known quickly that the
Hewlett Packard video card has inconsistencies with running the software. This creates
aggravation and down time for the end user.
One recommendation to address this problem is to first have a complete product
testing prior to product role out then when a product is launched provide a user
acceptance testing in the “Real” world to provide a way for normal everyday people to
provide feedback on the products real performance. As part of collecting the research
date it is important to have a dual control environment with the results being reviewed
and confirmed, this would be the most appropriate way to collect the data while being
able to validate the information that is being collected. Working in a research collection
environment while having a number of people review the data and validate the
information will help ensure that the information collected is of the highest quality
When collecting the information there is one other thing that could be done to
ensure that the reliability of the product is of the highest quality while the information
collected is accurate. Hewlett Packard needs to have a strong support department to
ensure the end user is getting the help needed to address the problem. Also when Hewlett

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Packard sends a replacement part, that part needs to be checked for defaults prior to
shipping. After three video card attempts, I was able to have a working computer again.
Feedback is an important tool in various departments. Consumers like to know
that their feedback is taken seriously and that product enhancements are made while
providing the highest quality at the best value, when consumers know that both quality
and pricing are taken into account this will allow for problems to be addressed allow a
company to expand while earning a profit.

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Excellent resource! Really helped me get the gist of things.