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MKT 230 week 2 CheckPoint Market Planning at Qode




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Day 4 Week 2
Chas Fritz the Chairman had envisioned the idea of how to the physical world to
the cyber world. Chas wanted to link content in the physical world to accessibility in the
cyber world. He laid all the foundations for this by securing 14 patents in 27 different
countries. Qode was born in the 1990's with a focus to link paper documents to web
documents. Qode leverages mobile platforms and allows marketers to deliver the best
content to the right person at the right time—at the time consumer is actually interacting
with the product or promotion. He created bar codes as to which you could click on a
code for just about anything you wish to do. He suggests that this be done through the
usage of cell phones being it was so mainstream in modern day world.
Chas Fritz appointed Rick Szatkowski to be the head of the strategic marketing of
this idea. So the big thing was to figure out the best way for this to be implemented. Rick
and his team ran into several roadblocks in trying to convince the cell phone providers to
link their software with their software. A couple of factors have made it difficult for
cellular arena, marketers are beginning to realize they can create highly targeted
messages to reach individuals through this third screen—the cell phone.
Rick Szatkowski developed several marketing strategies on how to do this risky
but potentially big payout venture. He was tore between the 3 strategies on how to
implement this plan. All would be risky, but in my opinion the best one for the
implementation was the first one with the cell phone carriers. In today's world just about
everyone has a cell phone ranging in ages from 12 to 70 so that would be the best way for
this idea to work.

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